My Tracker Died

So, what do I do now? My fitbit won’t charge any more. How can I possibly get in shape without it? How can I satisfy that primal urge to know that I got 10,000 steps a day in? Does exercise count if you don’t record it?

These are all questions that unfortunately went through my mind as I contemplated what to do now that my fitness tracker no longer works. The warranty is no longer in existence so I don’t want the advice to just call the company. Instead, I am going to take the other route. I will be a radical and live without a fitbit on my wrist. How can that be? I came to this decision for a few reasons.

First, I don’t like addictions. Wearing a fitness tracker is kind of an mental addiction. I can function just fine without it but somehow I think I have to have it every day. Now that I have been without it for a few days I find that life goes on.

Second, whoever came up with the idea that 10,000 steps a day was what it takes to get in shape or stay in shape. Is it really 10,000 or would 9,382 do it? Or does it really take 18,500? Call me skeptical but I find it odd that the magic number is exactly 10,000. Now looking at the average American in your local Wal-Mart, maybe 10,000 steps a day would improve our country’s overall obesity level. But for the runners reading this blog, I don’t believe 10,000 is going to do much.

Third, did I really take more steps because I had a tracker on? That’s a big fat NO! Some people do but I am not one of them. I will admit that if I was about to go to bed with 9,879, I would probably walk another 121 to hit 10,000. But if I had 7,679, I wouldn’t walk an extra step to get more when 10,000 is out of reach for that day.

Fourth, I don’t feel like spending another $100 or more to get a gadget that I end up being a slave to. I am old enough now that I treasure my independence and refuse to give it up in worship of a device that pushes me towards and artificial goal of what is supposed to be fitness.

Learning to live without the fitbit brings a lot of relief. Just ask this woman who apparently has walked away from her fitness tracker addiction to a life of self-fulfillment without being controlled by a gadget on her wrist.

Now if only I can convince myself that exercise does still count if I don’t record it.

Keep running my friends.


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